Conspiring and Collaborating for a Decade (and Counting!)

Fine artists, photographers, film maker, industrial engineer, habitual tinkerer, anxious striver, collaborative partners, friends. Jordan and Brandon had worked together in studios doing high-art, prestigious work before deciding to branch off to start something new. They established Pitch Black Editions to combine their fine art craftsmanship and apply it in new ways with digital technology, all for the benefit of the Concord and MetroWest community. 

Brandon James

Quick Facts:

  • From Westtown, Pennsylvania
  • Degree in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Photography and a minor in Art History
  • Former darkroom assistant for fine art photographer Chuck Henningsen

Brandon James is a habitual tinkerer, an artist who immensely enjoys finding ways to marry the traditional medium of darkroom photography with ever-changing landscape of digital workflow to create beautiful works of art. Originally from Pennsylvania, Brandon spent time in North Carolina, then three years in Maine at the Main Photographic Workshops, and time in New Mexico before coming to settle in Massachusetts. A husband and father, Brandon has cultivated a career as a manager ofphoto labs and studios before deciding to branch off with his former co-worker, Jordan Kessler, to create Pitch Black Editions. Brandon looks forward to the wealth of exploration to be had pulling on their backgrounds in traditional (analog) photography and fine craftsmanship while playing with the latest, greatest tools of the digital age.

Jordan Kessler

Quick Facts:

  • From Hudson, Massachusetts
  • Degree in Film Making from the Massachusetts College of Art
  • Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art

Jordan Kessler is a big-picture thinker, an artist who found a love and understanding for composition before growing to love the technical and mechanical mastery of still photography. Having gone to school for film making, Jordan confesses that he prefers the slow, gratifying process of working with stills. There is something about being able to hold a print in your hand, or sit with it a while as it hangs on a wall. Jordan understands the romance of being able to appreciate a brilliantly composed work and see it displayed in the best possible way. A lead printer at a prestigious fine art studio before branching off with Brandon, Jordan sees himself as an artist and a problem solver. He relishes the challenge of every piece that comes through the Pitch Black door, knowing it’s another opportunity to elevate a piece of art to its ultimate aptitude.